Drowning in the Forest

by Free Tibet

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Judy Humphries
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Judy Humphries Beautiful and mystical forest soundscape.
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Daniel This album is a mysterious journey through a dense forest covered in thick fog & the only guidance is the occasional glimpse of the starry sky. What begins on a hopeless path turns into a discovery of an ancient & long forgotten tribe. The whole atmosphere is achieved by a fine blend of forest ambiances, a dominant use of drones to build up the tension & when you're about to discover the tribal like influences of you adventure the didgeridoos & banusirs kick in to complete the arrangements.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa First I've heard of this artist and I'm looking forward to hearing more.


Лес всегда готов тебя принять. Кто ты, во что ты веришь? Лесу все равно. Он впитает тебя в заросли мха, оплетет корневищами, укроет листвой... Лес прорастет сквозь тебя и превратит мертвое в живое. Может быть, ты станешь узором на дубовом листе? Или растворишься, как утренний сон, как туман сквозь еловые ветки?

«Лес ведь никогда не спит. А может быть, он спит и всех нас видит во сне. Мы - сон леса» ~ Аркадий и Борис Стругацкие. Улитка на склоне


Forest is always ready to take you. Who are you, what do you believe? It doesn't matter. It will absorb you into moss thickets, weave you by the roots, cover with leaves... Forest germinate right through you and turn death to life. Maybe you will become a pattern on oak leaves? Or maybe you'll dissolve as a morning dream, like a mist through the spruce branches?

«Forest never sleeps. Or, perhaps, he sleeps and sees us all in a dream. We are forest dream.» ~ Arkady & Boris Strugatsky



ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records // ПAN015


released December 9, 2014

Free Tibet: all instruments and field recording.
Artwork byTim Six, photo - Free Tibet.



all rights reserved


ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Saint Petersburg, Russia

Temple of Eternal Music.

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